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Golf Oasis in an
Urban Jungle

The Tijuana Country Club has the city's only golf course.

The Simple Pleasures of the Bajamar Golf Resort
Bajamar scores high for its strikingly beautiful landscape and casual, slow-play atmosphere.

Baja CC Offers
Laid Back Golf and Pretty Setting

This normally quiet course is in the first stages of a major overhaul.

Los Cabos Overview
Learn more about the Baja's undisputed premier Pacific paradise.

In Review: Cabo San Lucas Country Club
Cabo San Lucas' Raven has earned its elite status.

Baja Real Estate

Baja Real EstateNever before has it been easier and safer for foreigners to purchase real estate in the Baja. Mexican President Alvarez wrote a decree in 1971 allowing Mexican banks to hold property in trust for foreigners. This Beneficial Trust is called the Fideicomiso and is can be thought of as your property deed, as issued in the United States and Canada.

Rest assured that as the owner of real estate in the Baja, you have full ownership rights. You may use and enjoy, build, rent, will or sell the rights in the trust anytime, conforming only to the general laws of Mexico. The term of the trust is 50 years, and is automatically renewable by law.

Cabo Real Estate Financing

Using your Baja property as collateral, American and Canadian mortgage companies now offer long term, fixed rate financing for the purchase of real estate, often with as little as 20% to 30% down. Title insurance is available on all eligible properties from Fidelity Global Solution, First American Title, Stewart Guarantee Title, Chicago Title, and Lawyers Title Insurance, helping to make your vacation or retirement home in the Baja both affordable and secure.

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Baja Real Estate FAQ

Can foreigners purchase property in Baja California, Mexico?

Yes, foreigners can purchase Baja real estate. If the property lies within a "restricted zone" such as along borders or in coastal areas, it must be purchased via the "fideicomiso" (bank trust). This trust gives you the same rights and obligations as full ownership.

How do I establish a fideicomiso?

A fideicomiso must be setup by a notario/notary public. Your real estate agent should be able to recommend a notario, as well as a bank to administer it. Many real estate agents work with one notario, who in turn works with one bank, but note that you are able to make your own selections. Costs will vary from notario to notario and from bank to bank. Investigate your options and get estimates from a few different notarios and banks.

How do I find a reliable real estate agent that specializes in Baja real estate?

Ask lots of questions, and interview several different agents and/or brokers. While agents will tell you that you don't need a lawyer to complete a real estate transaction in Mexico, you might find it comforting to have a lawyer on side to protect your interests.

Can I buy Baja real estate now, but leave it vacant until I retire?

Yes, simply forge a relationship with one of the many property management companies in Baja. If desired, property managers can put your home into their vacation rental pool so that your property is generating some revenue in your absence.