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Golf Oasis in an
Urban Jungle

The Tijuana Country Club has the city's only golf course.

The Simple Pleasures of the Bajamar Golf Resort
Bajamar scores high for its strikingly beautiful landscape and casual, slow-play atmosphere.

Baja CC Offers
Laid Back Golf and Pretty Setting

This normally quiet course is in the first stages of a major overhaul.

Los Cabos Overview
Learn more about the Baja's undisputed premier Pacific paradise.

In Review: Cabo San Lucas Country Club
Cabo San Lucas' Raven has earned its elite status.

Ensenada's Baja Country Club Offers Laid Back Golf, Pretty Setting

Baja Country Club's tricky 13th holeSituated in the northern part of the Baja Peninsula, in a quiet, beautiful valley surrounded by canyon walls and oak trees, is the Baja Country Club, a traditional country club style layout that offers a “laid back” golf experience. The current lack of residential development lends the surroundings a decidedly serene feel that makes walking this course a joy. Don't come expecting Palmilla; but do anticipate an enjoyable round of golf in a peaceful, pretty setting.

The Baja CC is a property that's in transition: a custom housing development is underway, and a new golf course manager has been hired and is working on significant course improvements. Everything from fairways and greens to tee boxes and bunkers are getting overhauled. The clubhouse is also in line for expansion, with plans for a hot tub, sauna and a swimming pool.

In the meantime, the Baja Country Club is open to all golfers who are looking for an enjoyable, relaxing and affordable round of golf in Mexico's sunny Baja Peninsula. The club is typically uncrowded, so a round can take as long as you like! Feel like playing that hole again? Go for it! (But don't try that at Pebble Beach!)

Baja Country Club's 6th, with island greenThe course is a moderate test of skill, with the back nine being more challenging than the front nine. It has several stand out, distinctive holes: the 6th is a very fun par 4 with an island green; the 13th is a tricky one: into the wind, par 5 with clusters of palm trees on both sides of the fairway; the 19th for its 90-degree dogleg. Other highlights include Baja a desert hole and 12 acres of lakes.

Comparing the course to the more established tracks in Cabo wouldn't be fair. As it stands today, the Baja Country Club offers a unique, “laid back” Mexican golf experience, and while it's a bit rough around the edges, it's fun and affordable. If you prefer immaculate conditioning, then you'll probably want to wait for the renavations to be complete. The Baja CC of the future might look a lot more like the courses of Baja Sur, so if you're up for some good fun, make sure to include it on your next Baja golf adventure—before it gets crowded with golfers and homes.

Typical rates: $47 USD, $30 USD after 3pm.

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